Exactly Why OkCupid’s ‘Crazy Blind Date’ Application Is An Awful Idea

Or no of you have a profile on OkCupid, or follow countless online dating blog writers & twitterers, you are probably acquainted with this new app that they established called nuts Blind Date. They rolled it by pronouncing one-day this week “Blind Date time” and blurring from the profile pictures of most users, promoting these to simply take a chance and message some one without being capable of seeing their own photo.

The app follows the exact same principles – experience someone at a place of your choosing, knowing just how old they are, sex and intimate direction, to check out what takes place. My prediction? This wont last extended, and here is the reason why.

Everyone is shallow. Perhaps the minimum shallow in our midst which price intelligence, creativity, passion or humor above shows however care about shows. If you’re searching for a romantic or sexual match, a tiny bit of bodily interest is required.

It is not safe. An online online dating profile not only gives you images of the individual you are communicating with but it addittionally provides you a broad sense of who that person is and where they may drop on a level of 1 to Serial Killer. Without the necessary information having a gut impulse about people, fulfilling some body on Crazy Blind Date is no distinct from getting a stranger about subway and taking your chances.

It really is fun until it’s not. What number of people went on a romantic date with some body we came across online and thought we had one thing in common with, and then discover that the shared interests were not sufficiently strong to carry on a discussion? We imagine a date from wild Blind Date are even worse than that. Initially it seems like a fun new proven fact that will result in a great story or two, but we predict it’ll quickly develop into a “Exactly how much much longer until I’m able to keep?” situation.

The income design is actually high-risk. The application is free of charge, together with matchmaking solution is free; OkCupid plans to generate the money by asking people to purchase their date “kudos”. (One kudos prices $0.99 and ten kudos will set you back $2.99). If you had a good time and enjoyed your date, you only pay the application giving the big date kudos; the greater number of kudos somebody has actually, the bigger they position into the program. You are able to however message the other person though, getting rid of the motivation to pay for any amount of money. (also, mobiles! Texting! Endless strategies for connecting beyond your application!) Unless OkCupid intends to operate this app as an enjoyable area opportunity which is not built to develop lasting and recurring incomes but rather direct much more people to their primary web site, I then predict this app wont keep going long.

Perhaps you have heard of Crazy Blind Date? Could you end up being prepared to give it a try?

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